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Celtic Commemorations

100% Irish timber products to capture every special moment.

Celtic Commemorations is a unique Irish business producing high quality commemorative products, in particular Memorial Cremation Urns and Commemorative Wooden Plaques.

The products uniquely commemorate the achievements or the life of a loved one, a person who has proud Irish roots. They are personalised, memorably unique and touching.

The business comprises manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution, providing outstanding cremation urns and commemorative wooden plaques that celebrate the life or the achievements of those proud to be of Irish heritage around the world.


Timber sourced through Natural Selection


Over 100 years old


All Irish Grown since the 1900’s


Timber sourced from Sustainable Mills

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We can deliver all our products anywhere in the world.

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Our craftsmen can make almost anything from timber…

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Sustainable Forests

All timber has been sourced from Sustainable forests

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